300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something? Locked

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Re: 300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something?

JulesJ wrote:

Micketto wrote:

En Trance wrote:

scorrpio wrote:

'300mm' is not 'gigantic zoom'. (it's a moderately gigantic prime) You might wish to determine precisely the model of the lens being used before going any further.

If the lens in question is an EF 28-300 f/3.5-5.6L IS USM, it's a full-frame equivalent of the 18-200, and is pretty huge.

If you know, why would you choose a 300 or a 200 for that matter over a wide angle?

It's funny that while you insult everyone in this thread, you are the only one that doesn't know why longer focal lengths re more idea for portraits than perspective distorting wide angles. A few people have already answered this question, but I hope no one else does because watching you get defensive and ignore the answers is more entertaining.

I've just looked at you last six posts Mickey. Call it following if you like I'm not bothered. In everyone you are insulting someone about something. Why are you here? What is your point? Go away, you are not required on this forum, you are a pain ......and someone had to tell you.


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