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Re: Maybe you should shut up when you are out "Classed".

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

En Trance wrote:

I purchased a good wide angle lense to enable full body shots in very close quarters and to maximize my low light capability by being as close to the model as possible. I can actually shoot a framed doorway from 4 ft away and I love it.

More and more, I see these gigantic zoom lenses pointed at a model that is two steps away from the photographer. I thought that it was just amatures showing off the new lens but even seasoned pros are doing it. What gives?

Congrats! I am done with this one.

And yet you made another 13 posts after announcing you're done. Can't keep your promises, can you, Mr. Ricci?

That's that bad karma thing, again.

Sorry "JOE", but I didn't graduate from community college like you. University of Pittsburgh, Class of 1981, Mechanical Engineering. I really know my physics. Maybe you should shut up when you are out "Classed".

Perhaps you should take your own excellent advice, Terrance

Lawrence Technological University, Class of 1984, Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering (that's a lot more to do with fields, physics, photonics, etc. than an ME).

Oakland University, Class of 1989, Masters of Science in Engineering Systems. My thesis project was in gigahertz semiconductor physics, IMPAT diode theory. Additional postgraduate work, including optical engineering, pattern recognition, and bioelectronics, while I drifted through different departments, trying to see if I could find something that interested me for a Ph.D.

Take this away with you. Light intensity is inversely proportional to distance, wether from source or reflector. So given the same framing of the reflector (model in my case), a wide angle lens will be closer to the reflector and the Light intensity of the same framed subject in the same light condition, as any other lens with a smaller angle, and more light will be incident on the sensor of the camera with the wide angle lens. ( Only because it is closer ) What a simple concept! And you don't understand. You think that you have something of merit to say to a "new photographer" and you don't. Back off a little because you are severely "Outclassed". I know that you have a Rep to uphold, but do it at some other persons expense, because I will rip you a new one. K Pumpkin?

I've designed lenses, while you can't even spell the word.

So, as far as who is ripping who a new one, you're leaking all over the place, Pun'kin.

And you still don't understand 7th grade General Science.  Really.  Notice how your last post is void of any of the physical knowledge about radiation intensity.  Ever find your nuts?

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