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Re: Third time lucky.. ??

Barrie Davis wrote:

En Trance wrote:

Pedagydusz wrote:

mike703 wrote:

Hint: your model (or whatever) is not a 'source'. She reflects light from somewhere else; she doesn't emit her own.

You don't know that. May be his models are luminous!

doesn't matter where the light comes from, intensity at the reciever is an inverse function of distance from the light. sorry they didn't spend too much time on physics in your community college photography class.

You have been told TWICE now that intensity per unit area on the sensor stays equal at all distances from the subject, because the image area reduces in perfect proportion to the square of the distance, and thus perfectly cancels out Inverse Square Law.

You really are a depressingly ignorant person....and determined to STAY ignorant, it seems.


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