DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

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Re: The lenses. Claims of colour differences...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

In that thread there is a difference (which I agreed with), but in a few of my own recent photos I am not seeing a difference. I think it's still too early to say, and in any case to characterize whatever difference there is as large is overstating things.

Remember that the main point of this particular thread is about choosing between a DP-2M and DP-3M. I would still say that preference in focal length and ability is much more important than whatever difference in color we may have seen to date.

Yes of course. For the choice, he need to see what focal would suit him best. But for colors, I overstate nothing. I have no interests to overstate anything, no interests at all. I just seen it at the first picture I took with the device. Like arcaswissi99 experienced.

I'm not a forum guy anyway, those line are so buried in the web that saying something or saying nothing is the same.

The reviewers, or newcomers in SIGMA world, know better than old time users. Who is suspicious

Forums are surreal !

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