new zack arias review of x100s is up

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Zack Arias
Zack Arias Senior Member • Posts: 1,117
Hey Y'all!

Thanks for the links and all that.

From here and from some other forums I can tell that I didn't quite get my point across about Fuji being the new Leica. Not as clearly as I would like to get it across.

I'm in the middle of a project right now but next week I'm going to do a follow up that spells out my opinion. I'm sure *some* here will still take a crack at me and call me a hack and all that. That's fine. I'm no saint. That's for sure. Think what you may. Too bad I'm not a smart lady! Right Zvonimir?

Anyway. Hope y'all are well!

Zack Arias
Atlanta, GA

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