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Re: Nobody Makes You Upgrrade...

Carl Maiorino wrote:

...and that is where Thom Hogan's premise is wrong. The cameras don't have a self-destruct mechanism that goes off on a certain date. I can use any old digital camera I please and still get great results. The decision to upgrade is an option, not a requirement. Digital is only as expensive as we make it...

That's quite true nobody makes me upgrade but just myself, but unfortunately I can't say "I can use any old digital camera I like and still get great result" in my own case, it's not that difficult to see a image quality difference between a perfectly working Cool Pix 900, my first very first Digital and even the canon 10D, Nikon D70 (all old in the digital standard) and the lastest D800E, I don't even need to print a 5 feet tall image but just look at it on my iMac 27 screen and the difference is huge, so the once "great" image is no longer that great any more in 2013. so bottom line, no, I can't get the same "great image" from using my perfectly working old digital today when compare to my new D800E. However, I saw no difference in image quality between my very first Nikon film SLR FM2 and my last Nikon film SLR F4 if I mount my same old AI-S 50 F1.2 or AI-S 105 F2.5 on both of them.

Point I am trying to make is in digital era, the fast advancing technology is actually "forcing" us upgrade if we want to stay competitive, more so for working pros while in the old film days there was a lot less demanding in gears. imagine two wedding working pro shooting in the same dark church one with D1X and one with D4, both is claimed to be the best for its time,  even with the same skill set, which one would likely to pull off a better image to make his/her customer happier, and that is our driving force for upgrade.

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