Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

Steve Bingham wrote:

For whatever reason many photography users store their photos on their computer. Maybe 99.99%.

The problem is, far too few back up their files (photographs). This is a disaster waiting to happen. I use software by Acronis and back up my work every week - automatically - to an external hard drive. Using the cloud is another alternative - and some use both.

Two days ago my data hard drive crashed - big time!!!! Thousands of priceless photographs (to me, anyway) were wiped out. Thousands of hours of hard labor (editing and PP) possibly lost . . . but for my backup.

So I bought a new HD and simply transferred by backup files. One click and off to dinner!

Take head folks. Hard drives will fail sometime - all hard drives. CD's fail in time also. Usually by bits and pieces - even the "gold" ones.

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Steve Bingham

Thank you for your kind advise. Backup is mandatory, hard drives will fail, sooner or later. SSD's are quite reliable, but I still wouldn't depend on SSD much. My backup methods are below:

* Local 4TB RAID1 Array (Primary Storage for Pictures)

* Secondary RAID10 Array (First backup of 4TB RAID1, and others)

* Offline 4TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive (Second backup, at home), 4TB USB 3.0 (Third backup, at work)

* Cloud Storage (Fourth and Final backup)

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