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Re: Upgrading T2i (550) - Committed to Canon

If you look in the Banff photos I saw black bears several times. Very early one morning I was driving up and down a mountain road and suddenly saw a black bear on the side of the road. I pulled up right beside him, lowered the window and started to take photos. When he started down the hill I drove around a bend and he came out onto the road beside me. You can see those photos.

In Glacier I saw grizzlies a few times. Some way up a hill but my tele isn't sharp enough for cropping at that distance.

We saw another not too far on the shore of a lake. We were just getting off the boat returning from a hike. Bear was about 100 yards away.

Then there was another grizzly. We were hiking back from Iceberg Lake in Many Glacier when we noticed a grizzly walking parallel to us about 10 yards above our trail. We took a few photos and stopped to let him go on. Instead he came down onto our trail and walked in front of us. He was about 12-14 yards in front. You can see the photo from behind. Then instead of continuing he stopped on a little stream crossing our trail, turned towards us to pose and then sat down in the stream to cool off. It was about 85 degree. He sat there splashing for almost a half hour while we took photos.

Eventually he got up and continued and then ran up off the trail. Stupidly, we didn't feel that threatened as it was the middle of the afternoon and there were people right behind us. We were right at the front so we had the good and bad. The best photos but if he came our way we were in the front. I never even started to pull up the bear spray.

In the evening were were hiking back from a waterfall. About 7PM. It was starting to get dim and we were in the woods alone. My daughter suddenly saw a grizzly thru the trees standing there looking at us. She got one shot while I started to pull up the spray. We then slithered away and he just stood there looking.

At Fishercap Lake a male moose was in the water swimming towards me. As his body was coming up out of the water I looked behind me for the closest tree. It was about 5 yards away. Before I moved back the moose veerd to its left and ran along the shore (see photos).

Amazing to be hiking in shorts in 85 degree weather on snow fields.

Absolutely beautiful scenery.

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