French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

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Re: French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

Jefftan wrote:

I always dream one day camera company will just weather proof their prime lens compact

like RX1, X100s, Coolpix A

because they have no zoom it should not be difficult. I don't understand why they don't do it because I am sure it will sell like hot cakes even adding a few hundred dollars to the price

They wouldn't sell like hot cakes. With tough cams, your position is often limited by other factors (in kayaking, for instance, there are only so many places in each rapid where you can let go of the paddle).

Tough cameras are already a niche product. They make compromises in image quality and other specs, in order to fit into that niche. They are squeezed between non-rugged compacts (cheaper and with better IQ) and cameras in underwater housings (more rugged and with better IQ).

Tough cameras are one-trick ponies - they are tiny and can survive extreme sports.

Large-sensor, fast-prime compacts are another niche. Few people choose them over, say, an Oly PEN with a pancake lens. They are also one-trick ponies - but it's a very different trick: Low-light, superb IQ in a tiny unobtrusive package. Quite expensive, too. If it rains, the camera goes under an umbrella or into a pouch.

A combination that you're proposing - a tough fast-prime compact - would be even more expensive and have IQ compromises (because it can't have an extending lens). It wouldn't appeal to many extreme-sport and casual shooters because of the lack of zoom and price, and it wouldn't appeal to many street photographers because of the IQ compromises (and price).

On the other hand, there's hope. Tough cameras might get a speed boost is if they use oversampling a-la Nokia PureView, a larg(ish) sensor, and a lens that can switch (not necessarily zoom), say, between 25mm f:1.8 and 50mm f:4.0 equivalent. That would preserve the current tough cams' zoom range while significantly improving low-light performance and IQ.

I've had a waterpoof film camera with a two-position lens (Minolta Weathermatic 35 DL), and the lens was quite sharp.

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