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Re: Are you suggesting that as I get closer...

En Trance wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

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mike703 wrote:

En Trance wrote:

4. Low Light Capability is strickly enhanced with wide angles and close proximity to the subjects. As in 3 above, wide angles allow me to get closer to the subject and maintain a reasonble frame. Pure Physics dictates that this enhances the amount of light reflected into my lense as intensity is an inverse function of distance from the source. Increasing distance diminishes light intensity.

Oh, my... that is priceless. There is ignorant, and then there is totally ignorant... and then there is this. Hint: your model (or whatever) is not a 'source'. She reflects light from somewhere else; she doesn't emit her own. Do you really find that you need to decrease exposure as you move closer to a subject, and increase exposure as you step back?

Good luck with the 'semi-pro' photography - you'll need it.

Here you go again, arguing with your own words.

Intensity of any light is an inverse function of distance from that light.

Answer: YES

HELL YES, I might add.

Are you suggesting that as I get closer to an object, that it becomes darker?

Neither lighter nor darker, just smaller.

Why don't you try it yourself?

There's something called the "sunny f16 rule" that photographers have been using for about a century. Go outside on a sunny day, set the aperture to f16, the shutter to 1/200, the ISO to 200, and take pictures of random things: close things, far things, things hundreds of feet away (trees are good, or distant buildings), people eight feet away, things inches away (flowers are pretty, and it woudl do you good to stop and smell them), and the exposure will be pretty much right on.

The flower a foot away isn't 10,000 times brighter than the tree 100 feet away, even though it's 100 times closer.

Just think, if the pirate ship sees the light house they should sail away from it coz the land is over there.

If a ship sees the lighthouse, it means that it's close enough to be large enough to be visible. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pass the joint, that must be some good ish you smokin.

You are the only person here acting like he's smoking.

Let me see. If they spot it, they have used jump drive to get to that point. So they lose the concept of closeness/distance. It is just there. "Per JOE". As they arbitrarily turn away to prove "En Trances Point", the light house light gets brighter and brighter, letting them know that they are getting farther away. OK, want some straw to eat? I heard "DONKEYS" like to eat straw.

Does your wife leave the light on for you so you can leave???  Are you sure there isn't someone on their way over?

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