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AZBlue wrote:

Apple has a wonderful, transparent solution called Time Machine that automatically backs up your hard drive over a wired or wireless network. No muss, no fuss, and no special software required. It just works. Hard drive crashed? No problem! Just pop in a blank drive, hold down the option key while booting, then select your network backup and BAM - you will be automatically restored to your new drive and back up and running within 20 minutes.

Well, like I said . . .

Time Machine is not an online backup service. It is an automatic backup system that is built into Mac OS X Leopard, and comes standard on new Mac computers. Instead of backing up your files online, Time Machine copies your documents onto an external hard drive. Time Machine is similar to an online backup service in that it works automatically in the background, and requires no actions or interference from you after the initial set up process.

Steve, so time machine will handle the back up without much effort however if the external drive used for the back up fails; disaster strikes. If cloud back up is not an option then back up to 2 HD's might be the alternative? Hoping that if one fails the second one is working fine.
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