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Re: We are luminous beings...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Pedagydusz wrote:

mike703 wrote:

Hint: your model (or whatever) is not a 'source'. She reflects light from somewhere else; she doesn't emit her own.

You don't know that. May be his models are luminous!


Seriously, I frequently work with luminous models. (Even taught it. Among the hundreds of lectures and classes I've given is a series of blacklight bodypainting workshops).

Once the object has been illuminated, that's it, it's now a light source in its own right. double the distance, and the radiance at the observer point is quartered (inverse square law, which the OP missuses) but the area is also quartered, with a net constant intensity per unit area.

Really, if the OP's "logic" held, macrophotography and microscopy would be essentially impossible, because the subjects, shot from fractions of inches, would be too bright.

Go back to sleep "JOE" you have sloberred enough.

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