Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

OldArrow wrote:

proef wrote:

I haven't realized that anything less than 2.5 stars was a "negative" vote. I've assumed the stars were cumulative, and the entry with the most stars won.

As to "sandbagging", I've given a half star vote when the entry did not follow the rules. For example, the "chair" challenge rules stipulated no closeups of chairs -- only chairs placed within a scene would qualify. Yet there were a number of chair closeups that were not DQ'd.

Finally. a question. How does not voting on an entry within a challenge in which one votes for other entries affect the score of the "unvoted" entry?

There are no negative votes, some just enjoy calling it that, gods know why.

But many people are confused by the voting scale, as the same lowest vote is supposed to be cast for inappropriate entry (not fitting the Challenge) and also for the low-quality entry that fits.

This is the reason I keep proposing all-vote-on-all-entries and an additive system. This would also annihilate tendencious voting, and half of host's nightmares would be removed.

How about an additive total for each entry, divided by the number of times it has received votes? Of course, an eligibility percentage would need to be set, say any entry would need to be voted on by at least 90 percent of the total casting votes. (But, I suppose a group could then not vote on a certain picture so as to diminish its chances of eligibility and thereby enhance one of the group member's entry.) That though, would take a pretty large group of cheats to water down eligibility percentages as opposed to absolute vote totals.

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