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The problem with software that makes a CD "look like" a USB flash drive is that people end up expecting it to be able to do the same things that a USB flash drive can - when in fact the base technology is completely different and doesn't support the same operations.

Not quite true.

If Win 7 user uses "Live File System" then CD will work like a USB stick.

Look at screen shot from JulesJ "Like a USB flash drive" option.

"Be able to add and erase one file or many files over and over (like you can with a USB flash drive) and use the disc in a Windows 7 computer."

As I described in my post, you can "logically" delete a file, but on a CD-R you can't physically delete the file and therefore the space can't be recovered. Unlike a USB flash drive, repeated deletes to a CD-R will make your drive smaller and smaller.

True with CD-R disc but not with CD-RW-, DVD-RW- or DVD-RAM.

But the -RW variants can't do block replacement, they can only erase the entire disk. That means if you keep adding and deleting you're going to come to a point where the entire disk has to be read, erased, and any undeleted content re-written again.

Not according to this:

"If you’re using a rewritable disc with the Live File System, space used by deleted files will be erased immediately and the space will be reclaimed. This is a big advantage for rewritable discs – you can write to them and delete files as if you were writing to a USB flash drive, without having to perform a clunky full-disc erase operation every time you want to erase some files."

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