macbook pro with retina?

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Majikthize wrote:

One thing many penny-pinchers overlook is that Macs hold their value very well. Whereas a 5-year-old PC is basically landfill, a 5-year-old Mac can often be sold for decent money. I paid $2000 for a MBP in 2007, put in about $300 worth of RAM and SSD upgrades over time, and sold it five years later for $800. So, I paid $300/year for use of a top-notch computer that served me well right up until I replaced it with something faster.

2006 24" iMac purchased as a new discounted previous generation from the University of Oregon Bookstore cost me $120/year for five years. I recently sold it for $250. The optical drive was kaput so I discounted it; the iMac was sold within a few hours of posting it on CraigsList.

Whereas I used to routinely keep my Macs until they were worth little or nothing on the used market, I now update my Macs when the resale value vs. purchase price pencils-out for me. I would have sold the iMac earlier but I had to wait for the release of the 2012 Mac Minis. (I also took my time getting it ready to sell after I got a Mini...)

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