300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something? Locked

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Mark Smith Veteran Member • Posts: 6,336
Re: A question?

En Trance wrote:

tion is 'yes' you are missing something–everyone here can see that.

What do you need an example of? And why do you think that I care? If you do not know what a 300mm lens is from that generic description, then I will not be placing high value on your response.


Study the advise of Allan Olesen. He is a respnder that can also read.

I know what a 300mm lens is, and you posted a rhetorical question which presumably you wanted an answer? If not carry on as you have; your signal to noise ratio is almost zero.

You're on my ignore list; there just isn't enough time to waste on rude ignorant people such as yourself!.

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