300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something? Locked

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En Trance wrote:

4. Low Light Capability is strickly enhanced with wide angles and close proximity to the subjects. As in 3 above, wide angles allow me to get closer to the subject and maintain a reasonble frame. Pure Physics dictates that this enhances the amount of light reflected into my lense as intensity is an inverse function of distance from the source. Increasing distance diminishes light intensity.

Oh, my... that is priceless.  There is ignorant, and then there is totally ignorant... and then there is this.  Hint: your model (or whatever) is not a 'source'.  She reflects light from somewhere else; she doesn't emit her own.  Do you really find that you need to decrease exposure as you move closer to a subject, and increase exposure as you step back?

Good luck with the 'semi-pro' photography - you'll need it.

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