What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

bowportes wrote:

Something that's not as clear to me though. If ISO is at base (160 for most Pannys and 200 for Olympus), the lens is at maximum aperture, and shutter-speed can't be set slower, but the histogram still sits right in the middle -- not overexposed at all -- if I understand correctly, I might get some improvement in image quality by raising the ISO to 400 or 800 in order to overexpose the image, as long as I'm careful not to overexpose to the point where I'm clipping highlights. I'd like confirmation that this is correct.

You might get less highlight clipping and less shadow noise but you'll get more sensor noise overall. There is a trade-off.

The shutter speed can almost always be set slower, unless you're photographing movement. Bulb mode on my G3 is something like 2 minutes.

Another situation that I've commonly encountered in the past is desiring to have the lens wide open in bright daylight. This typically means ISO is at 160 (base), my F1.8 or 2.8 lens is wide open, and shutter speed is as fast as my G5 can take it. In the past, the EVF still sometimes indicated this gave too much light, so I was compelled to reduce my aperture since ISO couldn't be lowered and SS couldn't be increased, and my goal was to achieve proper exposure for my raw file. But now, if I understand the Gollywop thread correctly, I should be pleased with the overexposure and leave the aperture wide open, as long as it doesn't clip highlights.

Yes, Expose To The Right and then adjust the exposure to taste (i.e. "correct") in post.

So my understanding is that the point is to fully charge the sensor. Rather than thinking, as I used to, in terms of proper exposure (as my G5's visual indicators still recommend), I should instead think of full exposure, giving the sensor as much light as it can take (without clipping).

Yes, without clipping. That is the essence of ETTR.

I need to stop thinking in film terms; they would never have led me to these conclusions.

Yes - It's possible to do edits in post with digital that weren't easy with film. Take advantage of them.

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