Warning. Honest.

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Re: Warning. Honest.

I back up my photos regularly.

However, I don't back up automatically.

I've been looking around for a program that will do that. I'm open to suggestions. How do you like the Acronis? Why did you chose that one? Are there some to avoid? Anyone else have favorites? (Windows here, not Apple or Unix).

I currently download my photos, do the initial processing, then back everything up. I won't reformat the card until all the photos have been put onto at least two drives.

When I started digital photography I backed stuff up on CD's. After not too long a period of time the pile of CD's got to be a management problem. Finding things was difficult. And after about 3 years I found some CD's that were unreadable. I quit backing up on CD.

When I had a paying job I had some software on the work computer that would backup everything daily. However, it compressed the data using a proprietary format. I can't read the files now. Fortunately I did my own manual backups so I didn't lose anything.

I have a bias against using the cloud. (1) I don't know how reliable it is; (2) it's not under my direct control; (3) there times when I'm not online.

I currently back up using several external hard drives. One is on the computer all the time. Another is stored in a cabinet in the basement. A third is in my barn a mile away. That one is not online so I can't mirror it. I have to pick it up, bring it home, update it, and return it to its safe hiding spot.

For the laptop I have a 2 TByte USB drive that I can carry along.

Although I'm pretty good about backing up my photos, my other data don't fare so well. My wife shares the desktop computer and her files, along with my word processing files and email and other useful files get backed up manually once every month or two. An automated system would really be useful there.

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