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John Basso
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Re: My thread has been moved to the panasonic forum!

Hello There.

It is a pity that they removed you're posting because you used a Panasonic (with Oh! my God : a Leica Lens) .Personally,I find this a step to far.The same happened to me on the Canon Powershot Forum , where I posted a picture taken by a Nikon Coolpix P 6000.I was told ,I had no business to post shots on their Forum other than Cannon.Henceforth ,I don't think ,I'll ever will use that forum again.Although I do have quite a few Canon S 40 photo's in my Library.

The option would be to purchase a camera for each forum you want to access. Perhaps a Sony NX7. On this camera you can mount; Leica,Zeiss ,Schneider,Sony (Minolta Lenses) and many more .This of course would mean a major financial investment,and as a side effect would boost camera sales to help out the photographic industry. LOL.You never know what will happen to the Banking business. Spend your money now,as you know what happened in Cyprus.Some  depositors lost 40% of all their money $$$$.World governments might licks their lips.(Better than a Tax increase?)

This is an insight in my tong and cheek suggestion's. Greetings: John Basso.:-

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