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Barrie Davis
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Re: By the way, you are pollution.....

En Trance wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

En Trance wrote:

I am not impressed with your half knowledge of photography. My points are not refutable. Any one that reads them will know which side eats straw.

Joseph's knowledge exceeds yours by about, oh, a billion times.

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Lee Jay
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That is your dumb ass perspective. From what I have seen, ole Joe could not pass 2nd grade reading class. LOL LOL LOL

You are suffering badly from what is called, "The Dunning-Kruger " effect. In fact, you are a classic case, and could even make it into the literature....

...... (which is why I hope this thread stays up.)

It happens that Joe W is one of the brightest and most knowledgable people that has appeared on this or any other Internet forum. He is in a different league to the rest of us, having several science qualifications at the highest level, and having had an illustrious career of INVENTION and INNOVATION in the disciplines allied to optics in general, and photography in particular.

Or, (expressed in words of one sylllable)..... you could not be more wrong.

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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