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zackiedawg wrote:

Indeed that late in the day the light gets nice and warm, but can also be a little hard when the birds come low under where the golden sun hits them to get enough light. Not bad - you need to work mostly at controlling the exposures, as some of them are a little 'hot' or overexposed. Most likely because you were tracking them as they went against trees or water or near their nest tree, where there was a lot of dark background which told the camera to meter up, only to then hit the open bit of sky and not be able to adjust in time.

I'd recommend trying out spot focus more than the other modes...unless you're dealing with flying birds against big, blank skies, the spot meter will allow you to more precisely tell the camera where you want the focus, and avoid that issue of the background sometimes being in focus rather than the bird - as long as you learn to keep the spot focus on the subject. For any still birds, spot will be your friend - and for large, slower birds like the herons, it's not too hard with a little practice to keep the spot on them.

You're doing well - keep it up. I missed you probably by 30 minutes or so - I had just left as you were just arriving. Maybe next time!! I may be there this Friday since it's a holiday, and almost certainly on Saturday which is my normal day out there. I almost always start at Green Cay - bigger park and selection...spend 3-4 hours there, before moving over to Wakodahatchee later in the day.

Thanks for the tips … I've mostly been using center point focus -- definitely when stationary, and I've been experimenting both ways with smaller BIFs.

Yeah, late in the day is when lots of birds start flying in for the night, but the light can get challenging for BIFs (although really beautiful for stationary subjects).

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