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A question?

En Trance wrote:

Joe may have some good answers, but not to my question. You have a similar stupidity which makes you change the length of a lense that you have not seen. If you do not have an answer to my question, then Silence is Golden.

Yes I'm stupid, you're obviously incredibly 'special'.

So help the stupid people here ; please put your question again in plain English.

I'm obviously mis-reading it, it sounded rhetorical.

Post is titled:

300mm Telephoto Lens and Boudoire Photography, am I missing something?

your question:

"More and more, I see these gigantic zoom lenses pointed at a model that is two steps away from the photographer. I thought that it was just amatures showing off the new lens but even seasoned pros are doing it. What gives?"

So in the title of the post you suggest the lens (not lense btw) is 300mm; in the body of the post you state you're seeing 'gigantic' (300mm in the post title) lenses more and more being used just two steps away.

I asked can I see an example-that's all and for that you call me stupid?

Please can I have the question in English? because all I see is a rhetorical question at best and a statement.

In answer to your question is 'yes' you are missing something–everyone here can see that.

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