How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Questions thread
JJ Winkel Senior Member • Posts: 1,387
Re: How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

You mention "uncropped" A2, well that is not possible to start with as ISO A paper form factor is 1.414 whereas your sensor will be 1.5 if full frame or APSC or 1.333 if 4/3, thus you will have to either crop or play with margin sizes, which for A2 size will probably be the best choice.

To keep the A2 form factor you will have to crop the long side if full frame or APSC, or the short side if your camera is 4/3. So first question is borderless or margins ?

If you print with margins, what size ?  And same margin size all around ( again with crop ) or differential like having a bigger size at the bottom, which is optically more pleasant ?

Then only you can deduct your actual image size and pixel sizes.

A 24 MP APSC sensor produces a 4000 x 6000 pixels picture. 

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