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Joel D wrote:

Thank you all for your help - Loved them ALL. I tried to isolate Andreya drom the picture with Photshop Elements (select tool) with no luck. Can someone please explain to me how you isolated her so CLEANLY from the background.

Thank you,


I am not certain if individual channels are available in your version of Elements as I used CS. But, if so, have a look at the R,G and B individually and you will see that each shows the light and dark areas quite differently. i.e. the blue channel defines her dress from the BG. With this channel only active (now looking black and white), use the quick selection tool or paint with Quick Mask to get a selection and save this to an alpha channel. Do this with the red channel which better defines her skin and hair from the BG. Save again to an alpha channel. With the RGB now active and visible, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and click on each saved alpha channel in the channels palette. You will see that each is activated and combined giving you a full selection (marching ants) of the subject. If changes are to be made (missed parts or over selected), hit Quick Mask mode ('Q' on the keyboard) and use a black brush to add and a white one to remove from the selection. Hit 'Q' again to exit quick mask mode and save the new selection to another alpha channel. This will give you an accurate selection of your subject and allow for extraction to a separate layer.

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