Am I mad? (rx1)

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Ed B
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Re: Am I mad? (rx1)

Keit ll wrote:

The RX1 is a fine camera but to my mind falls into the category of a 'flawed gem'. I would guess that most who are buying this camera are ardent street shooters or Pros who can afford this camera but who are also holding on to a DSLR ,which although bigger & heavier , is also more versatile.

As has been said only you can answer this question & if it addresses all your shooting needs then , no , you are not mad but consider very carefully as this is a big & expensive step to take.

A less drastic step to take would be to get a Fuji 100s which can turn out high quality photos which come very close to the Sony's output & has a built-in EVF & OVF !

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Keith C

I agree with much of what you've said.

When the RX1 was first announced my heart started beating just a little faster but my excitement was short lived.

$2800.00 for a camera without a viewfinder is something I just can't understand.

I don't care what anyone says, I've used many, many cameras and no LCD is very good outdoors in bright light. Granted, some are better than others but none are dependable and this is a big drawback for street photography.

The RX1 also gets some heavy criticism for its auto focus performance so it's just not something that I'd want to spend that kind of money on.

Just the same, picture quality is very good so I can understand why some people would be attracted to the camera.

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