can't decide between two tripod/head combos

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Re: can't decide between two tripod/head combos

for the tension knob, i'd like to be able to keep the ball with a bit of friction but not locked.  i take the shot, move the ball a little and take another shot without having to losen and tighten the ball.

for the release plate thumbscrew, it would be nice to not have to make sure you have a coin on you.  plus does the coin slot on the screw wear out over time? can you get another screw?  is it easy to take a picture without the tripod with the release plate still under the camera?  or does it get in the way?  i don't know cause I've never tried this.

for the variable angle center column, I'm not sure if i'd use it and if I use it, I may realize its not very stable.  macro photography is important to me.  but i'm wondering why would you need the column to be at an angle other than 90 or 180 degrees?  maybe just putting it at 90" and changing the height of the tipod would give you the same shot as using the vanguard at 45 degrees and just adjusting the height of the legs to be a little lower.  again, i haven't done all this so i'm not sure how important this feature is.

for the rapid level system, I can see myself using that indoors.

for arca swiss compatible, why is this so important to alot of people? what does it give you that any other head doesn't?  i read that someone likes to use the L bracket cause it lets them put the camera in portrait mode very easily and quickly.  but you can do that with any other head. how slow can it be using a normal head?   i figure the worst case senario, i have to sell my head and buy another one. but that would be years from now.

for the hook being on the vanguard legs, how important is this?  if the manfrotto doesn't have it, can I not just hold on the legs?  or is that going to make the camera shake a bit?  kind of like saying "i'm going to hand hold my camera, but i'm going to hold it really steady".  the vanguard also comes with the "sack" that attaches to the legs that can old something.  do other companies make something like that I can get for the manfrotto?

which of these features do alot of photographers use?

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