Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

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Re: Copying EXIF 'date taken' to Windows file name

CAcreeks wrote:

Paul Barrett wrote:

I have several hundred images which have been copied onto my PC and acquired the same file date. I need to restore this to 'date taken' from the exif data. I read somewhere that Irfanview might do this but I can't see the option in the copy I just downloaded.

Yes Irfanview can do this. It is a bit complicated.

  1. Select menu File > Batch Conversion/Rename.
  2. Click radio button Batch Rename.
  3. Under Batch Rename Settings, click Options.
  4. In the Name Pattern box, type $E36867-# (see below).
  5. Possibly change other settings and click OK.
  6. In Output Directory for Result Files, select a folder.
  7. On the right side, select files to rename.
  8. On lower left, click Start Batch.

The $E means EXIF tags. Number 36867 designates date and time of the original. The -# adds sequence 1-9 in case date and time are identical.

Thanks for the advice CAcreeks but, having tried that out it, it does not do what I want.  The most likely reason is operator error (usually is with me!).

I think I have followed your instructions correctly:

But the results I get are not as expected.  What I wanted was the date taken to be substituted for the windows file date and time.  What I got was the fields renamed with a sequential number and an unchanged windows file date and time stamp:

So, 'close but no cigar.'  Any further ideas pls?

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