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Re: They're probably 70-200/2.8s, not 300s.

ljfinger wrote:

En Trance wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

En Trance wrote:

Nothing wrong, but what of perspective. The only opportunity here for perspective involves the model's head dimensions. 50% of the image is blurred and has no perspective/depth, but you already know that. Certainly, you know also that all Portraiture is NOT HEADSHOTS.

If you're shooting a long lens from close distances (as you stated in your OP), you're shooting head shots. Nothing else is going to fit. It's simple math.

subject size = (subject distance / focal length) * sensor size

If focal length is large and subject distance is small, then subject size is also small. I've shot full-length at 400mm, but that's from far, far away (say, 60 feet or so).

Where in all of HELL did you get the idea that I was shooting with a long lense.

I didn't. You asked about that situation.

"More and more, I see these gigantic zoom lenses pointed at a model that is two steps away from the photographer."

The term "you're" in the above was meant to indicate anyone to whom you were referring in that sentence.

Sorry if I am defensive. Comes from responders not sticking to the question.  "You're" refers to Me, it is a contraction of "you are" it is not plural.  But that does not matter.

Also, I stated the FACT that I can shoot a framed doorway at 4 ft, and most of my models are less than 7 Foot tall plus Framing.  Their heads are not quite that big, but their egos are.  Sony SAL 1650. Stick to the question please.  Is there some neat way to use a 300mm zoom in close quarters? Silence is Golden.

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