Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

Spitze wrote:

Really need a new travel camera as my Canon G12 is long in the tooth. I was thinking the Sony NEX 6 might be the best compact APS-C camera to buy for travel purposes. At home, I use a Canon 5D II but don't want to lug this to Europe. The JPEG images at the DP Review comparing the NEX 6 to the Olympus seem to strongly favor the Olympus PM-D E-M5 even though it has a smaller sensor. Any advice strongly appreciated. Any other choices to consider?. Cost not a major factor.

You might read reviews from other sites to help you get a better idea which is acceptable to you. I have been waiting on the DPR take of the 6 as well. The DPR review being relative to recent cameras does beg the question of how much better it is than E-M5...but it is better. Go to DXOmark as well and compare the sensors. Don't take DPR's word alone. The bigger issue is the lenses. Sony's are mediocre unless you want to drop big $$$ whereas m43 you can do very well for much less. Let's face it, the camera is only as good as the ability of the lens to resolve detail, control disortion and the like.

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