Printing in color inaccuracies

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Re: Printing in color inaccuracies

Almejia wrote:

Working with pictures, I display on the screen, have a Canon inkjet color printer, a Dell color printer. How can I synchronize the three of them to have the same color on all of them?

They will never be totally in sync with one another, they all have different gamuts (the range of colors they reproduce) and some of them project light and others reflect light.

What you need to do to get them to match as much as they possibly can, is to calibrate the monitor with a device and software such as ColorMunki Display (About US$160), and use ICC color printer/paper profiles for the paper, ink, and printers you use.

Paper manufactures make profiles for their papers and a wide selection of photo printers (not all-in-ones). You can have custom ICC profiles made for you for each paper and printer you use. Or with a device like ColorMunki Photo (about US$450) you can produce your own ICC profiles and it will do monitor calibrations too.

Brian A

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