Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: More expensive/heavy to get the advantage...

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From what I've read the 17-40mm works for many and not for others, typical lens really. I loved my 7-14mm but the blooming killed it for me,

Blooming with the 7-14? What are you talking about here?

I'm talking about the purple blotches I get every time I shoot the interiors of historical buildings. They're a nightmare and almost impossible to remove completely. It makes my 7-14mm unusable in many places so I have to forget UWA.

I thought that might be what you are referring too. They are not due to blooming though. The filter that I hope will eliminate them should arrive any day now.

Ok, flare, discolouration, you get the picture, it's ruined my favourite lens for me on the OMD.

I have the 7-14 too but am so far less afflicted by the problem in practice than some others appear to be. When not going looking for it, for the purpose of testing, I have only encountered a few scenes where it was an issue so far. But like others, I'd of course prefer to get rid of it and have done some promising experiments to that end as you can see here (and the two posts that follow in the same thread):

On my last holiday in France I shot in a number of Chateau's and was plagued by purple flare on most shots, it was very frustrating as its my favourite lens.

There are two issues with the 7-14, flare and purple.

I haven't seen any good evidence (as opposed to unsubstantiated claims) that flare is any worse with the 7-14 than other lenses at those focal lengths.

Purple blotches are a problem, but I find purple relatively easy to correct in post-processing. Correcting the purple doesn't fix the related flare problems, although it can make the flare less noticeable.

I agree, flare is not a huge issue, it's the purple blotches that are and they're not easy to remove in my experience.

How have you tried to remove the purple?

The best method I've found is to use PS, create new blank layer, set to color blending mode, use brush tool, sample an adjacent non-purple area from the original layer and paint over the purple onto the new layer.

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