Looking for recommendations for a dual monitor setup

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Re: Looking for recommendations for a dual monitor setup

NewsyL wrote:

Steviepix wrote:

I have been using a 19 inch CRT monitor for my main photo work with a small 15inch CRT to put the palettes on and as secondary monitor generally (viewing TV , movies, extending desktop a little when needed etc etc). The 15 inch has now given up and the 19 inch is not far behind it so I am in the market for 2 new monitors.
Desk space is a bit limited so I am looking at a 23/24 inch for the main monitor and 19/20 inch for the second monitor.
90% of my output is for web\online work and my prints get sent out which uses jpg anyway so I guess I am not in the market for a wide gamut monitor, or am I missing out? Ideally I would spend no more than about £300/$400 for the main monitor but I would spend up to £450 if it gave me something special. I would spend up to about £150/$200 for the secondary monitor.
No idea on what secondary monitor would be best so I am very open to suggestions on this.
On the main monitor I have been thinking about the Dell U2412M (would I gain much by moving to the U2413?) or the Asus PA248Q. Other monitors I have been considering include the AOC i2353Fh and the Viewsonic VP2365 which seem to have reasonable reviews and come at a bargain price. Any thoughts on these and are there any others that I should also be considering in my price range?
Thanks for any thoughts.


Steve, do you already own a calibrator?

Yes, although it is a Spyder 3, which is not good for the....

I like the new U2413 but it may blow your budget especially if you need to get a new calibrator because you have an older unit that is not able to handle wide gamut.

Hmm. That is a thought. I could jut about stretch to one if I go extra cheap on the  second monitor and then just save a bit more to get a compatible calibrator. Certainly worth giving it some more thought.

You can always put a very inexpensive 22 inch 1920x1080 6bit+AFRC IPS monitor next to the U2413 to keep the budget down. I've seen several here as low as $140 CAD for a very basic unit.

Good thought. It doesn't have to be anything to special - as long I don't have to squint when I look at it.

As to 8bit sRGB gamut monitors.... there's got to be a Hazro or EIZO in you area that is good. The Dell U2412M (I have one) is not too bad but there's better out there.

Thanks for the thought on the U2412M. I do read slightly contradictory reports on it which was one of the main reasons for my post.

Good pointers there and I am grateful to you for taking the trouble to respond. Much appreciated.

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