DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

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Re: DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

hexxthalion wrote:


I'm really thinking about getting one of the Merrill cameras but can't find any info anywhere regarding the differences between these 3 models. What are the differences apart from different focal lengths? Firmware versions also differ and apparently you can't install FW for DP2M on DP3M.

Any response would be helpful as I'm bit torn between DP2M and DP3M.

Thank you.

Mostly it's the focal lengths.

The DP-1M is not quite as sharp at the edges unless you stop down, being a wide angle lens, and also can have more CA.  Compared to wide angle primes on other cameras though it's excellent.

Both the DP-2M and the DP-3M have almost no CA and are sharp all over, even at f/2.8.

Some people claim that the DP-3M has better color.  I'm still not sure about that, but it seems like there may be a difference.

I have noticed the DP-2M is slightly faster to focus than the DP-3M.

Another big difference is that the DP-3M has an almost macro mode (not quite 1:1), whereas the DP-2M does not.

Also, the DP-3M lens extends physically farther than the DP-2M lens, so it's a bit larger as a result.  The body itself is identical.

Manual focus on the DP-3M is easier since the whole barrel is a focus ring.

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