I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...


Some time ago Thom Hogan posted that digital might not actually be cheaper than film, because you end up buying new bodies so often. I'm starting to agree with him, even though I shoot far more digital shots than film.

Here it is 2013 and I just bought yet another Nikon. This year it's a D800e.

In late 2005 I bought a D70s.

In early 2007 I bought a D200.

In late 2007 I bought a D300.

In late 2010 I bought a D700.

Hmm. 5 cameras in 8 years. And they've been significant upgrades, in at least some ways. Enough to basically have me stop using the previous generation, except I did use D200 and D300 at the same time.

Which makes me wonder, what is Nikon going to have 2-3 years down the road that is going to obsolete my D800e?

(Or perhaps complement it. I could see buying a D800es, which simply gives me 8fps and some small autofocus improvement.)

In contrast, I bought an N90s in 1995 and used it until 2005. All I had to upgrade was the film I used.

He may or may not be right, but it's a completely null point!

For starters you can shoot a lot more photos with digital vs. film. Take your average holiday maker 10+ years ago, they'd maybe take three rolls of film with them each with 36 exposure and get them developed at the end of the holiday, of the 108 they got back up to half of them would probably be throw aways due to exposure, focus issues, poor composition etc and of the remaining probably 10% would be quality keepers.

Then there's the freedom digital provides, in the "old" days you'd conserve film and not take too many photos at the beginning of the holiday because you'd want to keep some for the end, etc. Nowadays memory is cheap as chips.

The learning curve is also entirely different due to the instant review of images, someone can become a fairly competent (in terms of technical operation of the camera) digital photographer in a matter of weeks by learning from their mistakes instantly. Film would take months if not years.

Digital photography has about as much differentiation to film photography as the Wright brothers' first flight has to transatlantic flight.

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