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En Trance
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Re: By the way, you are pollution.....

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

This one wins the prize as the most amazingly dumb response I have ever read.

Went right over your head, did it?

Seriously, did you expect that anyone would actually read a long, numbered list of insults? But go ahead and do it again, if you like. Only takes a second or two to select and delete.

My mentor had a saying: "Good art can't come from bad karma. You obviously carry so much negative energy within you that it will seriously affect your work. You have my pity.

And I'll repeat: try decaff, or tea. That's probably about the best advice that anyone will ever give you.

You are the one that attacked before reading the post/question.  Instead of decaff, try a shot of your fav booz.

I am not impressed with your half knowledge of photography.  My points are not refutable.  Any one that reads them will know which side eats straw.


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