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do the world a favor and throw you camera in the trash

En Trance wrote:

You may have some valuable knowledge in your head, but it is not coming out here. First read the OPs post. The question is not about my photography.


No, I will not try answering that.

I assure you, I read at an extremely high level of comprehension. All the difficulties in this conversation stem from your inability to write clearly. Man up and accept the blame for the chaos that you cause.

Now, back to the issue at hand: what you just claimed you asked bears no resemblance to what you actually said (which wasn't even a "question", by the way, unless you count the sarcastic little "what gives?" at the end).

So, to refresh your memory, here's what you actually said

"More and more, I see these gigantic zoom lenses pointed at a model that is two steps away from the photographer. I thought that it was just amatures showing off the new lens but even seasoned pros are doing it. What gives?"

I told you "what gives", it was simply a truth that you don't want to accept: that you are not around enough "seasoned pros" to see "more and more" what they are doing, that you lack the experience to assess what lenses they're actually using, and why. If you had asked the question you actually wanted answered (that's called "communication", something very different from what you did), I would have answered differently.

I will continue to use my wide angle lense for portraits and I do not shoot from 4 ft away unless my back is against a wall. Never said that I did. If you think that wide angle lenses are not suitable for portraiture, and that zoom lenses are preferred, then do the world a favor and throw you camera in the trash.

That is excellent advice, for you. Seriously, your communication skills are atrocious, and I feel sorry for your portrait subjects. Do you give every model a long, numbered list of insults, too?

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