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Re: Look at your own work...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

steephill wrote:

Wide aperture, wide angle zooms are rather large too. In addition very few 300mm lenses will focus down that far.

Many would question the use of a wide angle used close up for portraiture citing perspective issues. Same argument can be used against tele lenses. Whatever the lens chosen it is an aesthetic choice by the photographer so is really nobody else's business.

Models just wanna look gorgeous. Not too into perspectives on a portrait, maybe a landscape?


Have a look at your own work. You only posted two portraits.

Kitty 982 is an above the knee portrait. Including space at the top, the picture encompasses about 4 feet. Shot with a Canon 40D, and a zoom at 53mm, it's a simple calculation to see you shot her from about 9.5 feet, which is close enough to the tried-and-true 10 feet for a "gorgeous" shot. Not the 4 feet you mentioned earlier, which would have enlarged her forehead because her head is tilted down, and really blown up that "strong" arm.

Nona B is also about a 4 foot shot, and you took it at 85mm, so you were 15 feet away. Guess the wide angle and 4 feet stuff doesn't really happen.

You're shooting a 1.6x crop camera, too. Those "seasoned pros" you mentioned are probably shooting full frame, so where you used 53 and 85mm, they used 85 and 135mm (two "classic" portrait focal lengths, in use for decades, btw). The seasoned pro would probably have been using the classic 70-200mm f2.8, which is a dang big lens.

So, there's the big lens.

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You are good.  We can have a wonderful exchange as soon as you learn to read. I can frame a doorway at 4 ft away.  I CAN NOT HOWEVER CALL A PICTURE OF A FRAMED DOORWAY A PORTRAIT, as some of you on this post insist.

Both Kitty and Nona were shot with a 40D and a Canon 28-135mm tele.

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