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Re: "Perspective" is part of "gorgeous"

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

steephill wrote:

Wide aperture, wide angle zooms are rather large too. In addition very few 300mm lenses will focus down that far.

Many would question the use of a wide angle used close up for portraiture citing perspective issues. Same argument can be used against tele lenses. Whatever the lens chosen it is an aesthetic choice by the photographer so is really nobody else's business.

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Models just wanna look gorgeous.

Models want to look like what the client wants them to look like. That's why they're models. But that's neither here nor there.

Not too into perspectives on a portrait, maybe a landscape?

Portraits are all about perspective: much more so than landscapes are. I explained it in my other post, but I'll elaborate.

"Perspective" is entirely about distance. If a subject's ears are 6 inches farther back from the camera than their nose, and you're shooting from 4 feet, then the nose is on a plane where things look 14% larger than the plane the ears are on. That's too close. First, it gives your subject a "big nose", and even the rankest amateur will tell you that's the total and exact opposite of how to "look gorgeous". If the subject isn't totally parallel to the camera, if their body is turned at an angle, you can have an elbow a full foot closer to the camera, 33% larger. A leg can get elephantine; a belly, bulging. How does that "look gorgeous"

Take it out to 10 feet, and now the "nose plane" only looks 5% larger than the ear plane. Limbs are in proportion, the body looks natural. You've achieved a more natural, more gorgeous. And you've got the eye/ear/nose ratios "right" so we subconsciously read their proportions and pick up the "distance cues" that says "here's a person at 10 feet, comfortably outside our fear circle".

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You may have some valuable knowledge in your head, but it is not coming out here.  First read the OPs post.  The question is not about my photography.


I will continue to use my wide angle lense for portraits and I do not shoot from 4 ft away unless my back is against a wall.  Never said that I did.  If you think that wide angle lenses are not suitable for portraiture, and that zoom lenses are preferred, then do the world a favor and throw you camera in the trash.

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