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Re: Wild hyperbole, perhaps?

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

En Trance wrote:

I purchased a good wide angle lense

A what?

to enable full body shots in very close quarters

Portraiture with skate-board park perspective? If that's your bag, then you probably aren't open to a serious discussion on perspective. But I'll try, anyway.

and to maximize my low light capability by being as close to the model as possible.

That has nothing, at all, to do with "low light capability". In fact, being too close makes lighting (even effectively utilizing available light) more difficult. Closer distances make it more likely that your shadow will fall on the subject, and wider angles include more background that may be unevenly (and distractingly) lit.

I can actually shoot a framed doorway from 4 ft away and I love it.

Do your subjects "love it"? or your customers? Everything that lives has some concept of "personal space", a "fear circle", a "fight of flight" reaction. For an adult human, that's typically 8-10 feet for an adult that is not a member of our "family" or "tribe". We estimate that distance when looking at pictures by the relative size of facial features, if the nose is a certain amount bigger than the eyes, and the eyes a certain amount bigger than the ears, the subject is at "x" distance.

Working at 4 feet is difficult. If you don't pose your subject "flat", you get football player shoulders, bulging foreheads, blooming noses, elongated limbs, and a general "fattening" look that typically makes female subjects want to rip the photographer's spine out. Especially in the "boudoir" work you mentioned.

So, unless you're brilliant (your questions say you're not. Sorry) with your composition and can create such a rapport with your subject that their expressions simply radiate intimacy, safety, and comfort, that too close perspective that you "love" is likely to disturb whoever sees your images.

More and more, I see

Things that aren't actually happening?

these gigantic zoom lenses pointed at a model that is two steps away from the photographer.

"Gigantic zoom lenses" typically can't focus to two steps away.

I thought that it was just amatures showing off the new lens but even seasoned pros are doing it. What gives?

Mostly, wild hyperbole, it appears. "Gigantic zooms" from "two steps" away. Wide angles that are "loved".

Do you know that the "gigantic zooms" are capable of going to 300mm (my big zoom is a 70-200mm f2.8)? Do you know that, if the zoom can go to 300mm, that's what the photographer is shooting it at, and not 80-100mm?

Every 4-8 years, 300mm f2.8 lenses go through a resurgence in the fashion field. In large studio or location work they put you at distances of 20 ft or more from your subject, and that causes the opposite of the "fear circle" perspective: there's an emotional disconnect with the model. For fashion, turning a human into a mannequin can be a "good thing". Not "my thing", but some clients want it. But that's not what you're describing, because that's 8 steps, not 2, and a crew, in a spacious location, and I'm sure that, even with your penchant for hyperbole and colored views, you'd have noticed that.

So, here's "what gives".

You've misestimated the distances, and the "seasoned pros" are shooting 8-10 feet away from their subjects, like they have been for decades. with their zooms at 80-100mm, focal lengths that have also been used for decades.

Consider switching to decaf, or maybe tea.

This one wins the prize as the most amazingly dumb response I have ever read.  The answer to my question would involve a technique that is being utilized at close quarters with a 300mm zoom lense.

You pretend to know what gigantic is and perspective. Let me clue you in. AT TWO STEPS AWAY, 300mm IS G I N O R M O U S !  This is what my query is about.  This is not a forum for you to spit out all of your amatuer hour theories and waste everyones time answering the question that you want to talk about.

Let me answer some of your stupidity:

1. None of your business what wide angle lense I purchased. It is not relevant to this post.

2. Perspective is one of your words, not a part of my query. Argue with your self. Actually the question does not involve my photography in any way, but that of people using 300mm zooms in close quarters, which I do not do.

3. Wide Angle Lenses enable full body shots in close quarters.  Yes, I have been in hotel rooms that are so small that it is impossible to get a 6'-3" model framed as my back is against the wall. Wide Angle is a good answer. And for your information, this is not a forum about renting big hotel rooms.

4. Low Light Capability is strickly enhanced with wide angles and close proximity to the subjects. As in 3 above, wide angles allow me to get closer to the subject and maintain a reasonble frame. Pure Physics dictates that this enhances the amount of light reflected into my lense as intensity is an inverse function of distance from the source. Increasing distance diminishes light intensity. What a damned fool perspective you have.

5. All of your crap about framing and 4 ft away, 8-10 ft.  Try this one.  The model will shoot you if you don't get her hair and shoes. Again, my word about 4 ft is about the capability of the wide angle lense and not a rule for taking shots. If you were trying to answer my question you would have known that.

6. And for your last burst of stupidity, No I do not know what the Photographer is shooting his 300mm zoom at.  And when it comes down to it, neither do you. All of your talk about 20 ft away, 6 paces is therefor utter ignorance.  Chew on this: If he is shooting his 300mm at 50mm, then maybe he is 2 paces away!  The question is WHY ARE SOME PROS USING 300mm LENSES IN CLOSE QUARTERS.  THE QUESTION WAS NOT  >>> WHY ARE SOME PROS LENSES STUCK AT 300mm? Like your brain is stuck on stupid.

7. First read the OPs question, then answer the OPs question.  If you can't do that, move along.

8. By the way, you are pollution.....

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