How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

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Re: How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

timccr wrote:

I have been trying to work out how many MP I need to produce really nice A2 prints. Opinions seem to vary widely, as does the quality of prints in exhibitions that I have been looking closely at lately. So, I want to be able to produce uncropped (call me old fashioned but I swear I get better photos by taking the time to compose in camera) A2 prints that I can stand really close to and peer at and they still look good. I am hoping some really picky people will give their opinions!

So you want more widely varying opinions?

300 ppi is good, 360 ppi is better, it would be difficult to see the difference after 720 ppi. And yes, photographic technique (not composure) can have a great impact on image quality - rock solid tripod (wood is better than metal), mirror lockup, remote trigger, etc.

So at 300 ppi you would need 34 Mp for an A2 print. I have A2 prints from a 13 Mp camera that look great. I have printed 3' x 4.5' (slightly larger than A0) with 22 Mp, and they looked great too. Standing alone they look great, but that doesen't mean you couldn't tell the difference when compared side-by-side with prints from a higher resolution source.

> Also how many A2 prints does one have to be making for it to be worth buying an A2 printer
> rather than using a lab?

One, if you are prepared to put the learning time into it and want the control and quality it gives you. None if you think yuou can ever match the price of a production lab.

Brian A

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