Unfair practices by manufacturers -re pricing on products

Started Mar 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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I'm in Canada, and I'm also peeved that very often, we as Canadians get ripped off. Sony is being anti-competitive, like Apple, by dictating a price. However, this company bends the rules a little, but not by much: https://www.thecamerastore.com/products/cameras/slr-cameras/sony-alpha-a77-body

There are various deals happening on the A57, but right now, the A77 is indeed in genuine rip-off mode in Canada.

Buying used might be an option, but then you don't know where it came from and how much life it's got left, dirty pixels, etc.

I wonder, when buying it from an American store like Adorama or BH, when *if* it breaks, you could ship the camera back to the store, and then they on your behalf ship it to Sony for repairs - as if you're an American customer. The store would be in effect be the "customer". It would be really great if that were possible. Yes, you'd incur dual shipping charged, but it would give just enough piece of mind, and the camera probably won't have to go back anyway.

But right now... the A77 is just about the strongest example of extreme gouging. I can't think of one single product right now, that's worse that way. Well, except cars maybe...

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