Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Actually it's not a war between FF and M4/3

Aside from costs, I doubt many users are undecided between FF vs M4/3. They're worlds apart. Unless FF will go mirrorless and *both* the bodies and lenses are the same size and weight as M4/3, which will never happen, M4/3 will always have that portability advantage, and that is very important for many users. Even if an equivalent FF setup might be even cheaper, those users won't switch to FF.

It's true: not everybody likes/needs ultrashallow DoF or shoots crazy high ISOs. They may prefer (and often do) a much lighter and smaller, well balanced system, which is now at the state of "good enough" in many respects, and the weaker ones (continuous AF, mainly) will keep improving for sure.

FF? I see it as the new medium format.

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