Minimum Gear for New Studio?

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Re: About Pentax

I've never posted much here but I shoot both Nikon and Pentax with a little Cannon experience.

Pentax is a good brand and you can shoot anything with it that Nikon and Cannon can.  For the last 7 years I've been a professional photographer employed by international companies shooting in government facilities using Nikon and Cannon provided by them due to security requirements at the sites.  The Nikons and the Cannons got the job done.  At home I chose a Pentax (K-r) which I use for side jobs (weddings, outdoor shooting, and family portraits).  For one shoot outside the limited area I was granted special permission to bring my Pentax to the site.  I took the opportunity to do a shot for shot comparisons between my K-r and a D300 using similar lenses.  I found that my Pentax performed equally and in a few special cases out shot the D300.  At my current job I have a Nikon D3000 and a Cannon EOS 7D and they are great but I still prefer my Pentax and instead of replacing it I plan on upgrading as money allows.

Your Pentax is fine and don't feel you have to change to what others use.  Since it sounds like money is limited right now I suggest buying older K mount lenses used.  I purchased a 50mm F/1.4 for mine for $60 and a 135mm 2.5 for $65.  Sure I have to use them in manual mode but hey, if I can't shoot manual I have no business charging for my photos.  But if you want to switch - your dollars my friend.

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