canon 8120(8220), epson 835, or epson px720wd?

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Re: canon 8120(8220), epson 835, or epson px720wd?

There generally isn't much difference between printers in the amount of ink that is put down on the paper per unit area. You can get a good estimate of ink costs by finding out the capacity of the ink cartridges for each printer and dividing that into the price of a cartridge; that will give you dollars per millilitre. It isn't exact, because there can be substantial differences in the amount of ink different printers waste doing warm up and cleaning cycles.

Extra colors and extra shades of the same color are quality considerations. There are reasons why higher end, wider format printers use 8, 10, or even 12 inks. Extra colors extend the gamut of the printer – with more colors a printer can more accurately reproduce your images. Different shades of the same color make for smoother graduations in the print – less chance of posterization.

IMHO if you are only going to use the scanning facility for documents and as a copier, then you would be better getting an inexpensive all-in-one, and using the difference in price towards a real dedicated photo printer.

Brian A

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