Here is a real Canon 1Ds Mark III shot in full.

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And you made my point

The reason you don't see blood vessels is because her eyes are not bloodshot.  But I am not trying to say my 10D is as good as a 1Ds Mark III only that my portrate shot is also very nice with plenty of detail for my 8x10 prints.

As to the storage analogy of course more information is good to have but I find my 250 gb hard drive can still hold a lot of information.

The point you made at the end is the heart of the matter in my opinion.  you said detail is only one part of what makes the camera and both have sufficient detail to record many things well.  That is my point as well, you just said it better than I did.

In conclusion let me confess that I have retired my 10D (gave it to my grandson) and purchased the 5d Mark III.  I did not do this because I could not take excellent pictures with my 10D but because I wanted the better autofocus, low light improvements and full frame perspective.  As to image quality there is not a lot of difference when printed 8x10.  Both cameras produce excellent pictures, I just have more keepers with the 5d Mark III.

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