Concerts: time for upgrade?

Started Mar 23, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Concerts: time for upgrade?

Wow there are some good looking photo's in there i love the upper two en the last one the most. 
The four pictures above the last one for example, i find a bit too dark for my taste. Still very good for a compact but room for improvement to catch more light if possible. Maybe dont zoom and crop? Have you tryed that? However zooming is less work afterwards.

As i use it only for concert i looked at your settings because you are more experienced with it, so you know better. I was hoping that 1/60 sec would be enough but is see that you used 1/100 that works most of the time only not for that moving hair (headbanging?)

What is your experience with it? Sometimes artists move a lot, or they move their hands on guitars and synths very quick. What is you setting to be safe so no movement is seen on your photo's 1/250? I a searching for optimum settings / proces to get the best looking pictures for photo's in very bad lighted concerts.

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