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Zee Char wrote:

wcrosman wrote:

If I was a full-time pro I could envision upgraded to a full frame simply because of the lower image noise. That said, I'm not and I won't. Fully satisfied with my 7D.

Exactly. I'm not saying a pro can't or should not use a 7D but if I were making a living with my cameras I'd have the latest D series and 5D series which are available and current. I have the 5D3 and I'd kill to own the 1DX.

I wouldn't kill for the 1DX as I would also "need" the MarkII long telephotos to go with it to realize all of its advantages. As a portrait or reach limited wildlife camera, it wouldn't be a smart choice, regardless what the Canon ambassadors and promotors say. Its a perfect professional sports camera and if I shot sports as a pro or a fanatical hobbyist, I'd definitely own it for that use. Cropping a 1DX focal length limited image one comes to the harsh realization that those sweetly pixels can only do so much. A more dense sensor yields more detail in that situation.

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