EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

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Re: EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

Dorus, I owned a Fuji X100 and had problems with the auto focus.  It was not accurate and that made manual focus (not fun either) necessary.  The latest upgrade is supposed to be better, but I would tend to think that an interchangeable lens system would (eventually) allow more room for growth.  Yes, I know there are add-on wide angle lenses for the X100s, but that is more bulk.  The Fuji is not small so that might be another consideration.  Having said all that, I do have a Fuji X10 (now being replaced by the X20) which also has it's problems, but it locks in the focus much better than the X100 did. I would go for the OMD, or EPL-5 (with VF2)...they will be good to you.

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