I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: not sure I agree...

not so sure I agree -- I used an olympus E-1 for many many years... 2006-20012 (2004-2006 E-20N - 2003-2006 d500L)

Finally last march i went to see my salesman at local shop - and he started to tell me about the upcoming d800's

ordered the 'E' on the spot...

plan on using this for years....

I was happy with the E-1 - except for long exposures - sensor heated up - making it impossible to do astrophotography - missed many shots at the keck observatory... they all were unusable -

I guess it depends what your interest really is in your gear - to use it or own 'the latest n greatest'....


PS: (edit) there may be some ring of truth to this - I used my Pentax / Canon film gear from late 70's up to purchase of the d500L!

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